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The Clan MacLeod Migration project

Clan MacLeod is one of the most cohesive and close-knit clans of the Scottish Highlands and the Western Hebrides. The sons and daughters of Leod are spread around the world, with MacLeod families and septs currently living in nearly every continent and country. These include the MacLeods of Skye, Harris, Lewis, and Raasay as well as the MacLeods of Glenelg, Assynt, and Coigeach. They have made their new homes in Australia, NewZealand, South Africa, France, Holland, Poland, Russia, Norway, Peru, Canada, and United States of America. Scions include Nobel Prize Winners, courageous soldiers, explorers, inventors, musicians, artists, physicians, physicists, entertainers, cinematographers, and more.

For the past four decades, the Associated Clan MacLeod Societies has been involved in one of the most ambitious projects of its kind: tracing the movements of the children of Leod worldwide. This is the Clan MacLeod Migration Project. If you bear the surname MacLeod, or any of its spelling variants, or any of the septs of Clan MacLeod, or are descended from a MacLeod or Sept, we want to include you in this international project.

If you have been exploring your genealogy for any length of time, and if you are reading this on-line, you no doubt have explored the use of computer genealogy software. Our preferred digital format is GEDCOM, which is the foundation of our genealogical documentation standards. Your GEDCOM files and digital copies of other objects can be shared once we have heard from you via our communications form.

Clan MacLeod DNA study

An important part of the Migration Project is the DNA Study, some results from which are summarised by Julia Abernethy in The Genetics of Clan MacLeod. Using the latest in genetics data collection, we are uncovering our lineage to back to ancient historical times. You may participate, too. Go to the Family Tree DNA website for full details.


Below are some basic tools that you can use to begin your genealogy work, or if you are interested in contributing to the Clan MacLeod Migration Project.

  • Family Group Forms Download and print as many copies as you need.
  • Ancestry Chart Download and print as many copies as you need.
  • Free Genealogy Software