Links and resources
    Bill Lawson is a genealogist specializing in family history research in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.
    Skye Roots Website for Norma MacLeod, a genealogist specializing in research on the Isle of Skye, the MacLeod main homeland.
    Skye Kin Website for Marjorie MacInnes, another genealogy specialist ready to assist you in research on the Isle of Skye.
    GENUKI the central website providing links to all archives and research centers in the United Kingdom.
    The Scottish Genealogy Society the genealogical membership organization for Scottish genealogical research.
    General Register Office for Scotland the section of the GRO devoted to assisting Scottish genealogical research.
    Scottish Genealogy from Scot Roots another resource center devoted to Scottish genealogical research.
    Scots Origins offers free services including enhanced International Genealogical Index (IGI) searching and extensive place name searching, in addition to the Sighting service which allows access to original Scottish documents from 1700 to 1990.
    Electric Scotland Website with links to Helen Payne Odom Library in Moultrie, GA, the repository of archives relating to Clan MacLeod in the United States of America, as well as other resources.
    Associated Clan MacLeod Societies The ACMS is the international body that provides services and support for the Clan MacLeod National Societies. If you are interested in joining Clan MacLeod, you can go to this website to locate a society in your region or country.
    MacLeod septs The Clan MacLeod is made up of anyone with the name MacLeod - of any spelling, such as Macleod, McLeod, MacLot, and so forth. In addition, members of families with other Scottish names are affiated as "septs." This webpage lists the sept names with which the Clan currently works.
    MacLeod arms and tartans There are dozens of MacLeod tartans that are formally registered, and some that are unofficial. This webpage shows some of them, and can direct you to other sources.