Terms of use
The Associated Clan MacLeod Societies is very pleased to be able to share our genealogical information with our Society members and the general public, but privacy and other legal considerations require that you agree to follow certain protocols:

All information contained in this Genealogical Resource Centre is the property of The Associated Clan MacLeod Societies, and is LICENSED to you for YOUR research purposes ONLY. Under no circumstances may you copy, reproduce, or transmit to others the information as it is contained in this resource in any form, electrical, mechanical, magnetic, or any other format, without the written permission of The Associated Clan MacLeod Societies. The only exception to this rule is that you may extract and record in your notes or genealogy software whatever information stored here directly relates to your particular ancestry for your family history.

All information in these files is shared with you on a QUID PRO QUO basis -- that is, we are sharing what we have with you on the condition that you will share your genealogical information with us. The information contained in this Genealogical Resource Center is a cooperative effort, representing the extensive work of hundreds of people who have freely shared their research results to make this Genealogical Resource Center possible. We ask and trust that you will do the same.

If you use information from our Genealogy Resource Center, you must give us proper bibliographic recognition in your documentation. The correct format for proper Bibliographical Reference is "!SOURCE: The Associated Clan MacLeod Societies Genealogical Research Centre (http://www.macleodgenealogy.org), [cite the date on which you obtained the information]".

Please read and follow our documentation standards, and use them when you share information with us. For each individual for whom you provide information, we need to know the source.

This is very important! Other researchers may cite or use your information in their research. Proper documentation will save time if it is necessary to confirm the validity of your information.

If you have a specific question about your ancestors, please use our communications form to send it to us. Be sure to include as much information as you know (no matter how trivial it may seem to you) concerning the individual about whom you seek information, including full name (if you know it), birthdate/place, marriagedate/place, name(s) of spouse(s), and names of children. If you want to send us copies of any documents, we will arrange with you to do that.